Thursday, July 2, 2009

Paris: Part Deux

Versailles was absolutley magical! The garden were to die for!!! We had so much fun going through the mazes and renting a paddle boat to go out on the lake. I had on heels at first but my feet hurt before we even really got on the train so I was like halleluja that I brought my chucks (thanks to my lovely boyfriend for lugging around a change of shoes for me)! At the end of the post i will also post a video that i put together of all our little video snippets (well most) from our time in Paris! I hope everyone enjoys it :)
Oh and thanks a million to my 30 followers, y'all are awesome!


Bug said...

I love your dress, you have such great style!

Lily said...

You lucky thing! I didn't get a chance to go to Versailles when I was in France :( hehe heels and travelling definitely don't mix. Very glad you brought along your chucks. Great outfit!

chelsea jade said...

ohh! i love the rowboat footage!

Mia said...

oh! I love Paris! would love to go back there!

Mimi said...

wow echt tolle fotos aus paris (auch der erste part :) ) ich will auch unbedingt mal nach paris, evtl klappt es nächstes jahr :)

mollymouse said...

Beautiful pictures of France... and an amazing outfit! You have great style. :]