Sunday, July 12, 2009

Mango colors all around

DSC_3064 So last night was my friend Marias Polterabend, which is basically a party a few days before the wedding whe everyone you know comes to your house and makes a giant mess! We brought 20 kg of Confetti and old plates and all kinds of things - after that everyone is invited for food and drinks and the party continues! I was in charge of taking pictures of the party but after letting my friends steal my camera I managed to be in some shots too!
Wearing: H&M everything, except for my weges which you cant see in these shots anyway...


nicola ticola said...

Thanks for visiting my blog! Comments really excite me!! haha. love the headband!

nicola xx

van heemstra. said...

kannst du deutsch oder nicht ? xD
du hast so einen tollen wei├čen teint. ich ♥ das.

Anonymous said...

hi there..
lovely blog :)
wanna exchange link??
please reply on my blog..
thank you ^^,

Phoebe Rose said...

I've just been checking out your blog and you really take such stunning pictures! I love it. Thanks for the comment :)

Bug said...

Looks like a great time

Jojo said...

Love the way your all wearing the same pink colour...
Love Jojo x

K said...

Love the jacket!

Josephine said...

finde die fotos mal wieder super :)

Tessi said...

Hi sweetheart!! Thank u for your sweet comments and for visiting my blog:)
I love the flower headband your wearing!

<3 Tessi