Thursday, May 21, 2009

the sun and the green and everything flowering

Not too much going on with me... I have had the week off which is amazing because the past two weeks were awfull - or lets say stressfull! For those who dont know, I do freelance work at a PR Agency while going to school and since i dont have many classes this semester I have been there full time basically the last few weeks! Good money but bad for my general mood :)Enough with the whining now - hope you enjoy my pictures! Its so pretty right now and well I live in a beautiful part of Germany which helps keep my pictures looking good!
Oh FYI - I have been eyeing this Blazer for months at ZARA but i thought it was a little spendy, but then i caved and bought it! I love love love the color and the fabric is perfect!

Blazer: ZARA, Dress & Belt: F21, Shoes: Topshop

P.S.: Is anyone interested in seeing some of my photography? Cuz i can do morre post for sure if i throw some of tha in the mix!


Hippie Frou Frou said...

green and pink is awesome, you are one styling lady!

jess s//

ps/started following'ya through blogger :))

Becca Joy said...

I think the green blazer is lovely! Its the perfect shade, I also love your lace dress its so pretty!

Girl next blog said...

I love your outfit! COOL COOL COOL

Jojo said...

Wow, I love the lace dress with the blazer. And the colour clashes. Brilliant.


Cris Lazoru said...

you have the best backgrounds! and i love your belt. . . so sex and the city


call me glitter, little deer said...

i really like the flower/blazer contraste.

ryder said...

im not sure about pink shoes, even thoug as an item they are great.
combination is really stylish!

Knuspi said...

Wieder sehr hübsch =)

Anonymous said...

beautiful pics with the flowers!

Luna Supernova said...

you always have the most gorgeous photos, i love that field!

Hippiegirl said...

das kleid ist einfach ein traum... hach!

ich muss mich für unsere mottowoche verkleiden, sprich die letzte offizielle schulwoche! ihr werdet bilder zu sehen kriegen!

Suzanne said...

nice blog! amazing heels!

Julia said...

btw how do u puy big pictures on your blog?? (i have a mac)

Alice. said...

Georgous photos, I think the pink shoes make the outfit, gives it colour :)