Sunday, May 3, 2009

nyc part one

Sorry I meant to write before I left for New York, but with work and school I never ended up getting around to it, BUT now you know where I have ben hiding out! I met up with m Mom in Manhattan for 5 awesome days! New York is like our half way spot - my Mom's in Houston, TX and Im here in Germany.
So this was my third visit and it was so much fun, we lucked out big time with the weather (upper 80s all 5 days we were there) because every other time i have goe its been so freezing and miserable. Anyhoot we mainly just shopped because we have done all the tourist things before, except that we went on a double decker bus tour at night which was alot of fun! They took us all the way to Brooklyn, where you just have an amazing view of the city!
We went to TOPSHOP but didnt really find anything because it was crazy full and the prices were a little bit too high in my opinion AND THEN in the shoe department who was sitting in the corner???? Shenae Grimes!! Im like 99% sure it was her but I was to chicken to got up and ask because everyone was leaving her alone, like no one noticed and i thought well if i go up there and she gets mad...i dont know i regret it now because she was dressed so cute, but oh well...
Lets see what else... Mom and I walked around looking at the places where the cast of the city went to eat out and stuff, we wanted to go eat at Fig & Olive but we didnt feel like waiting forever :D
So that was my trip, my Mom has more ictures that I will try and post next time!

In the top pictures I am wearing my ASOS dress, Agaci fringe boots, wet seal sunnies and a pauls boutique bag.


Irène said...


Carlotta said...

I miss NY, I've been there a long ago and I wish I'll go back the dress!!

Robynne said...

So jealous! New York is my dream!! Since forever! BTW the photos of you in the field of yellow flowers are breath taking! You must have a great camera. The quality is outstanding!

Fashion on edge..xox

cocorosa said...

ahhhh lol and I cant wait till I get a break outside of the city haha :) I work a few blocks from times square so its always so busy.. :)

YuriNakamura said...

those photos are stunning.

Anonymous said...

Looks like you had a fun time in NY! Bummer about Topshop.. I'm so looking forward to going there for the first time next month but haven't heard great things about it from a few people. Your Asos dress is too cute. Great blog!

xo, Becs