Thursday, April 2, 2009

The Love Makes Peace

The Love Makes Peace. Finally found a white wall in my apartment that I can take some somewhat fashionable pictures in front of! I used my remote and a SB600 flash nd photoshop of course...what do you all think of this look? I was wearing whites washed jeans with lots of holes in them and my hair is still semi wet :D The last shot is my favorite...i kinda love the way some of these shots turned out! Fianlly some biger pictures, too - are they too big?


Hippiegirl said...

das shirt ist super :)
und gro├če bilder mag ich sehr!

LoveMore said...

WOWO GOLDIE! your pics are FABULOUS!!!! love the tshirt.

and thanks for your lovely comments - always so kind :)

xxx love bel

Luna Supernova said...

ahh cool, how did you get the pictures to show up so much bigger on your blog?!

haha i wish i could find a stark white wall for my pictures, good on you.

Jojo said...

Love the pics...they come out at a much better look like a proper rock chic here..

sarah said...

i love the shirt!! where is it from? and your eye liner impeccable ;)
xo s