Friday, April 10, 2009

70s party!


Oh what a fun party it was! I love this dress...I will never ever get tired of it because number one my Grandma made it back in the 70s and the print is oh so very Cavalli! SO when I heard 70s party this was really the only choice ;-) I did end up having a bit much to drink as you can see by the next two photos(damn I look like a hot mess), but it was lots of fun!
Today it is absolutley beautiful outside so I recruited by BFF for a little photoshoot (shes my #1 model), so lets see what we come up with! I will be sure to post it on here if its any good, and who knows maybe she can take some shots of me too :)
Have a good one! xx


Luna Supernova said...

ahh thankyou forthe link! i love your so very cavalli 70's dress haha. it looks fantastic on you.

Rylie said...

You look lovely. the tie-dye really suits you :D
I think I have the same icon bracelet. Twins!