Monday, August 17, 2009


Last weekend we went to a beachparty and it was so nice out which meant it was time for my favorite little black dress! I love this dress its awesome, i adore the cutouts but it is short short short, which apparently isnt all that socialy acceptable in boringville, Germany. Oh well I had a good time and i had a flanel shirt on over it to ensure minimal hiney flashing :)
By the way remind me to kick myself for only buying one of these flanel shirts when they were n sale at New Yorker, i should have gotten every color becaue I love it!

FYI: When Achy Breaky Heart or any country western song for that matter plays here in Germany, I suddenly feel the dire need to represent my home state of Texas by breaking into dance - line dance that is!


feli said...

you look so cute.

Lilee said...

great header! and awesome photos!

Andy said...

Looks like you had fun !
You look really cute on this photos :)
I'm back on blogger after 4 months, check out my new post :D


Stephanie said...

great and funny photos. You look very fashionable.

Teresa said...

great blog - if you want to check out mine ;)

MARISA said...

love the chest cutouts!

and i love your hair stunning lady!

MarishkaRI0tkhsiram said...

<3 the dress! My sis has the same flannel shirt ;P